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“A nation can survive its fools and even the ambitious, but it cannot survive treason from within.” ~ Cicero

America is at such a crucial time in history. And it's not just a crucial time in history for America, but for the WHOLE WORLD! No other time in history has been like it is now. I cover a lot of topics and issues on my blog, because, frankly America, we go through a lot of issues. We have a lot to contend with these days. From crooked politicians, Agenda 21, UFO's and aliens, transhumanism, the duplicitous global warming spoof, weather weapons, false flag attempts, evil conspiracies, satanic cults, the Depopulation Program of humanity by the elite, mainstream media lies, mind control, chemtrails, earthquakes, birds and fish die-offs, we have a criminal in the White House and a few more in Washington, D.C., and this fact seems to go unnoticed by most, especially our main stream media.

There is so much evil going on on this planet at this time, that I wanted to do something to combat it. Even if it was a small thing. Something that makes me feel like I'm contributing to the good. So, I have created this blog to help inform people of the things going on in our world today. Things that radically affect our lives, whether you know it or not. Our government affects our lives the most. From deceptive practices that you need to be aware of, to poisons in our food and water supply.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What Must I Do to Be Saved?

What Must I Do to Be Saved?

This is the most important question you will ever ask. It’s where you begin a journey that will change your life forever.
Every person has an eternal journey to make — either with God or without Him. Those who are ‘saved’ will spend eternity in the presence of the Lord God Almighty (what most people call ‘heaven’). Those who are not ‘saved’ will spend eternity without God (a place often referred to as ‘torments’ or ‘hell’).
Most likely you’ve heard the verse from John 3:16 many times. It says:
“For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.”
Why did Jesus (God’s only begotten Son) have to die? The answer is ‘sin’.
Romans 3:23
“for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,”
The word ‘all’ here means just that — ALL. Every one of us is born into a sinful world with a sinful heart. It’s like we’re genetically broken.
Romans 6:23
“For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.”
‘Wages of sin’? It’s what your sin earns. Death. Hell. But God provides a life preserver in the form of His Son Jesus Christ.
Romans 5:8 tells us that God loved us so that “when we were in our sin Christ Jesus came to die for us.”
Second Corinthians 5:21 says, “He who knew no sin became sin for us, that we may be made the righteousness of God through Him.”
The only caveat is that we must willingly accept that sacrifice. God will not force any decision on us. Free Will was given to us from the very start. Free Will means we can choose wisely or foolishly.
How do we make this choice? Do nothing, and your choice is made — you choose to refuse the gift of life through Christ. But if you wish to accept Christ’s gift, then here’s how:
Romans 10:9-10 says “…that if you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved; for with the heart a person believes, resulting in righteousness, and with the mouth he confesses, resulting in salvation.”
Romans 10:13 tells us “…whoever will call on the name of the Lord will be saved.”
You can boil this down to ABC:
A: Admit that you are a sinner and that you cannot reconcile your life with God on your own.
B: Believe in God’s plan to help you. Believe that Jesus Christ died on a cross and rose again on the third day.
C: Confess Christ as Lord! Tell the world! At least, tell a friend. Tell someone and start living for Christ. The Bible is God’s owner’s manual, and you’ll find there the ways to serve Him. The Gospel of John is a great starting place. Then read I John (First John – it’s near the back of the New Testament).
When should you do this? NOW. You might think that you have lots of tomorrows to make this life-changing decision, but no one is promised one moment longer than now.
The prayer doesn’t have to be fancy. Just say this:
“Dear God, I confess that I am a sinner, and I am sorry for all the times I’ve failed you. I know I can’t erase the sins, but I believe Jesus can. I need a Savior. I believe that Jesus, your Son, died on the cross to be my Savior. I believe He rose from the grave on the third day to live as my Lord and King. I turn away from my sin (repent means to ‘turn away’), and I ask you to forgive my sins. I ask Jesus Christ to come into my heart and become my Savior. I receive you as my Lord. Thank you, Jesus, for saving me.”
Anyone who means words like these, who confesses his or her sin and asks Jesus to come into his or her heart, that one is saved according to God’s Word. If you pray a prayer of repentance and faith, you are saved. You have God’s word on it.
Dear friend, if you have prayed this prayer to receive Christ as your Lord and Savior, take a minute to write down the date and time in a diary or in your Bible, if you have one. Send an email to a friend, or perhaps to us (radio at peeringintodarkness dot com). We’d love to rejoice with you and welcome you as a new brother or sister in Christ.
Don’t forget that Christ will soon be returning to Earth to reign as King. Are you ready to welcome Him? Now is the time to accept Christ’s salvation. Tomorrow may be too late.
Please e-mail me if I can help in any way.

Bombshell-dropper ROSALIND PETERSON Will Blow You Away With Powerful Information

Bombshell-dropper ROSALIND PETERSON Will Blow You Away With Powerful Information

This morning I listened to The Power Hour with Joyce Riley. The Power Hour with Joyce Riley is a three-hour syndicated radio broadcast Monday through Friday, 7-10 AM CST.  The last two hours of the program are what I have up on this blog page. I knew after listening to this information I had to share it with you.

The Power Hour is an alternative news source which focuses on subjects that inform and educate people every day to the real challenges that face this country. You can listen live to the program at gcnlive.com or thepowerhour.com, or you can search their archives.
Or you can do as I do, and dial their telephone number from your home telephone, press in a couple of digits, and put it on the speaker phone. Just remember, if you do this be sure to have free long-distance phone service, or you will get charged long distance charges.

Each radio program they produce has it's own telephone number you can call into and listen to on your phone. Or you can dial a general number at 1-760-569-7700 and a recording will go over the numbers to press for which show you would like to listen to.

Personally I prefer the latter, in which I call the general phone number and choose which program I want to listen to, and dial in the number which belongs to it, and then the pound sign. The Power Hour is number 8#. 

You'll have to listen to the programs to choose for yourself which ones you like best.  The Power Hour is just one of about 30 or more shows GCN offers. I think The Power Hour is one of the top programs on GCN that bring you the truth. 

Until this morning I thought I had heard it all. But life never seems to be dull with the Illuminati in charge. I wouldn't mind if that changed. 

This particular program today from The Power Hour is somewhat disturbing. But, it's better to know then to be ignorant, I believe. Bombshell-dropper ROSALIND PETERSON will blow you away with powerful information concerning three topic arena's you need to be really informed on - and even more critical TAKE ACTION: GeoEngineering . . . a major update on the Navy Warfare Program . . . and saying more than "NO" to SMART Meters....(and now) SMART BULBS!  This is really some very critical information.

POWER HOUR - 2nd Hour

POWER HOUR - 3rd Hour

Archive for Rosalind's articles:

Current Articles by Rosalind Peterson:

Weather Modification Association - interactive project map 

P.I.D. Radio 5/29/11: Tyranny By Autopen

THE PATRIOT Act was extended just before it expired Friday when President Obama signed the bill by autopen from France. This just strikes us as odd. While we have no doubt that it won’t make a bit of difference — any more than the president’s clumsily forged birth certificate — we have to wonder why an autopen was used instead of just emailing the document and printing a copy for the president to sign his own self.

Also: Netanyahu’s speech declared “an act of war”; Chinese prisoners forced to play World of Warcraft for prison guards; study shows Roman Catholics and born-again Christians with smaller brains than mainline Protestants; and Judge Andrew Napolitano asks when our peaceful republic became a police state (link opens video at YouTube). (I ALSO HAVE IT BELOW.)

Please visit the P.I.D. Radio Facebook page, and check out the great Christian podcasters at the Revelations Radio Network.

Click the arrow on the player below to listen now, or right-click (control-click if you have a Mac) the “download” link to save the mp3 file to your hard drive.

Peaceful Republic or Police State?

May 20, 2011 - Judge Napolitano on how our freedoms have been systematically wiped out since the Constitution was signed


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judge napolitano, freedom watch,

Upcoming US Nuclear Event? - Police Threaten CNN Journalist Looking For "Secret Morgue"

Upcoming US Nuclear Event?
Tuesday, May 31, 2011 – by Staff Report

The stage has been set for a nuclear false flag in America. Many in the alternative media have wondered if a false flag nuke attack within America is a real possibility. Would they do it? Who would it be? What cities would be targeted? Recently, The New York Times reported that the United States is running out of a rare gas that is used to detect smuggled nuclear materials. The reason given is that one arm of the Energy Department is selling the gas much quicker than the other is able to accumulate it. While this could possibly be a legitimate reason, it seems highly suspicious that a government that is installing a police state nationwide to supposedly save us from terrorists would be unable to obtain the gas needed to detect smuggled nuclear weapons. Wouldn't a nuclear attack on America be the MOST important threat to combat? Unfortunately there is a long history of suspicious nuclear activity in the United States, with cover story after cover story being spread throughout the corporate controlled media. At this junction in history it seems prudent to lay out some of the more ludicrous stories that have been planted into the minds of the American people. – Intel Hub

Dominant Social Theme: Why the heck would they do something like that? It's idiotic. The only people planning to blow up the world live in caves in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Free-Market Analysis: Could the Anglo-American power elite sponsor a nuclear attack on American soil in order to deepen the phony war on terror? Would this group of old men running the world's most powerful banking families, be so devious? According to Intel Hub, the answer is yes.

The idea, as we have long pointed out, is that Western populations must be deeply terrified if the elite's goal of world dominance is to be achieved. A nuclear attack on American soil would surely help. And it is not debatable, unfortunately, whether Western governments, especially Anglo-American ones, are trying to implement increased government control over their citizens. After 9/11, for instance, a virtual, overt police state descended on the US. It is one that is still expanding.

The cause and effect is simple. The more government control Western elites have over their own populations, the easier it is to extend such command and control facilities to the rest of the world. And the power elite is trying. Central banking, a fundament of Anglo-American control has spread around the world like Kudzu in the past century. And other instrumentalities of global governance as well.

The architecture of world government has generally been put in place in only the past 50 years: the UN, the IMF, the World Bank, BIS and now the ICC – the George Soros sponsored international judicial organization that seems to be putting on trial anyone who dares resist Western Money Power. Year-by-year and decade-by-decade, the Anglosphere banking elite has sought, with regular success, to increase control over Western populations.

As we point out regularly, this increased control has been generated either through the use of dominant social themes or war. The elite's fear-based promotions are intended to stampede people into looking to globalist solutions to problems that don't exist. These non-existent problems include global warming, peak oil and "over-population" just to name a few.

Sometimes, the elites will actually attempt to create the conditions they are promoting, though it is hard to do because the market itself tends to fight back. But without a doubt, the scarcity memes that the elites propose – food, water and oil – are certainly supported by elite efforts to reduce the same.

War – and the establishment of enemies – is perhaps the most effective elite tool. This is because society can be militarized most easily when it is facing a putative opponent. It does not even matter whether the majority of citizens believe in the proposed enemy. All that matters is that the narrative (the dominant social theme) is created and implemented.

Since the Anglosphere elites control the mainstream media and the political system, society can restructured around the faux-threat without effective resistance. The result is endless, incremental increases in government power. It is a historical fact – as the Internet has brought out over the past two decades – that Anglosphere banking and industrialist elites supported the Communist Revolution and World War II. Based on this pattern, they also likely also helped create the conditions for World War I and for the Chinese Communist revolution.

The Internet has also helped introduce us to various CIA operations (see Wikipedia, likely itself a intel-supported facility) such as Mockingbird, Gladio and Paperclip. Mockingbird recruited American media groups to work with the CIA – Time, Inc. chief among them – in order to publicize various fear-based memes. Operation Gladio went a step further, by introducing a CIA-funded army into Europe after World War II that apparently created "incidents" (bombings and the like) that were then to be attributed to socialists and communists. The idea was to polarize public opinion by attributing violent activities to these political groups.

Given the history of Anglosphere elites, it is no wonder that those who choose to involve themselves in the Internet's alternative media are suspicious. Today, fortunately, there are numerous websites gathering news and information that show clearly how the power elite is manipulating public opinion to gather power for a New World Order.

In a recent article (see excerpt above) the principals at Intel Hub have presented interesting evidence regarding the sub-dominant social theme of a US nuclear attack. They are certainly not the first to piece together various promotional elements, but they have done a good job of summarizing what appears to be an ominous pattern. The US is the military arm of the Anglo-American empire; an attack on the US would have a galvanizing effect on the Western world and surely bring a New World Order closer to fruition.

The Intel Hub, according to its own declaration, is a "beacon of free speech that hosts many different ideas and topics that the corporate media is simply too scared to cover." Whether or not the principals entirely understand the use of fear-based promotions by Western elites (actually, we are sure they do) they have certainly managed to pinpoint the mechanism that the elites are currently using to promote such memes.

As we pointed out, it is not enough merely present a message. A "back-story" must be created. In fact, the Intel Hub journos have done a good job of presenting the promotional back-story. The article shows us how it's possibly being constructed to make a nuclear event seem like a logical even inevitable outcome.

The back-story is most important since if people are conditioned to accept something, they will not be so skeptical when it happens or apt to investigate it, or even believe those who have done so and discovered a different truth.

The Intel Hub article points out that a recent New York Times reported the US was running out of a rare gas used to detect smuggled nuclear materials (see article excerpt above). This is of course ridiculous. The US government budget is something like US$3 trillion. If the US security honchos want something, the chances are they can have it. Thus, Intel Hub has presented us with an anomalous article – one that on its face is questionable and should raise suspicions if one is inclined in that direction. Intel Hub calls this "laying the groundwork."

Disturbingly, this is not the only back-story element. The Intel Hub article points out that as recently as March 2011, some 25 letters were released to various individuals in the Chicago environs (including private investigators) explaining that numerous nuclear bombs have now been hidden throughout the United States. The implication was that these weapons had been hidden sensitive targets such as government buildings. The FBI is said to be "investigating."

There is more. The Intel Hub article reminds us that in 2010, President Barack Obama labeled a nuclear attack on America as "the biggest single threat facing our nation." He said that the "central focus ... is getting the international community on the path in which we are locking down that nuclear material in a very specific time frame with a specific work plan."

There is more. In July 2010, The National Research Council released a report titled, Nuclear Forensics: A Capability at Risk. The report outlined the fact that the United States is no longer able to track nukes within the US, Intel Hub informs us and then quotes Gordon Duff, writing for Veterans Today, as follows: "A powerful group within the United States, one with influence over the press and the ability to derail an investigation as was done with 9/11, has been 'tasked' with laying the groundwork for a terrorist attack, one using nuclear material."

There is more. "In 2002, World Net Daily reported on a book by an FBI consult that claimed that Osama Bin Laden had bought 20 suitcase nukes from KGB agents in 1998." This is actually an old Intel trick. The CIA and FBI use "consultants" – often agents who are said to be disabused and demoralized – to write books that actually spread disinformation that FBI and CIA leaders want in the public domain.

Long ago, we looked into the reality of suitcase nukes and found yet one more fear-based meme. (We actually wrote about it within these pages.) Suitcase nukes are actually so heavy and bulky that it might take a pickup truck to carry one around. They are difficult to make and detonate.

The idea of someone walking into a government building casually carrying a office-sized "suitcase" that is a nuclear weapon is just one more sub-dominant, fear-based theme. Of course, someone COULD detonate a nuclear device or dirty bomb in an American municipality. But it certainly wouldn't be out of a "suitcase."

The article also points out that the US military is actively holding drills that postulate a nuclear attack on American soil. There have been hundreds of these drills according to Intel Hub. Various TV programs and movies that deal with the same scenario buttress these drills. This activity is called "predictive programming" and is designed to get people used to the idea of a certain concept – in this case a nuclear attack on American soil.

The article concludes as follows: "Many questions remain. Will the numerous hardworking, patriotic Americans in the government and military stop such a horrific act from happening? Will the powers that be realize that the blame for such an attack would be pointed directly at them? Will a different, more feasible, false flag be used instead? These are questions that must be answered. We the people must let it be known that we will no longer stand for any form of false flag terrorism. Take note America, as we continue to lose our freedoms in the name of security, we have become more vulnerable then ever to a large scale false flag on par or more extreme than 9/11."

Conclusion: Here at DB, we don't know what happened on the morning of 9/11. Maybe bin Laden did plan and execute it from a mountain cave; and maybe bin Laden is planning a nuclear attack on the West even now (assuming he is not dead as advertised). And surely we have no direct information about whether rogue elements of the US government or other Intel agencies are planning a false flag nuclear event at the behest of Western elites that are increasingly desperate to implement world government before the Internet degrades their capability to do so. Here is what we do know: these elites have an ugly habit (and history) of using the weapons they create.


Police Threaten CNN Journalist Looking For "Secret Morgue"
CNN Documents Police Protecting Secret Morgue?
May 31, 2011 9:20

America Or Nazi Germany?
Pre-crime System Now Being Implemented
by AshleyApathy in Society, May 31, 2011

With all of this control going around, it’s hard to tell where the hell I am living.

There’s new really screwed up technology coming out. It will subject Americans to pre-crime interrogations and physiological scans to detect “malintent” at sports stadiums, malls, airports and other public places. And guess what?! It has moved closer to being implemented after Homeland Security’s FAST program passed its first round of testing.

How it works is by using a computer program that studies physiological indicators of a person, such as heart rate and the steadiness of a person’s gaze, and then uses the data to make a judgment on whether that individual has “malintent”. So you know for certain that there WILL be innocent people being affected. Millions of people can have a fast heart rate for multiple reasons; oh hey, maybe like the fact that the TSA gropes your junk? Or maybe you just have anxiety because you’re flying for the first time, or what ever other reason. “The steadiness of a persons gaze”, say what?! This is going to cause many issues. I know if I went through, I’d be put away into a room due to the fact that I will naturally have a higher heart rate due to all the goddamn stress they have at the airports or now SPORTS ARENAS or MALLS or even TRAINS. Because that’s where they already started putting the TSA! We totally need people to grope kids when they get dropped off at the mall! This is just disgusting, and if you think this is for your safety then you must be whacked.


I have re-posted this video from EarthLastHope: http://www.youtube.com/EarthLastHope

His account was recently Suspended, his new account is: http://www.youtube.com/user/Earthlasthope2

This video contains some important information that I believe everyone should know about. Please don't just watch this video and leave it at that. Do some research yourself into the topics raised in this video. If the witness account given in this video is true then it is extremely worrying and we should all be asking serious questions about what is going on here.

Below is a message from EarthLastHope who originally posted this video earlier today:

"It is 3:41 in the morning, again I find myself without sleep. Can you think why? This video will explain now the sad HORRIBLE! connection I have just found, for any shills and skeptics, you may doubt now, but soon you will be dead in one of these. THIS IS VERY REAL! I WILL HAVE MORE VIDEOS ABOUT IT AS SOON AS I CAN! I wouldnt be suprised if my account is taken down after this series. REUPLOAD THIS VIDEO AND ALL OTHERS BUT MAINLY THIS VIDEO AND THE FEW FOLLOWING AFTER IT! THESE TRAINS ARE OUTSIDE MY TOWN, AND MANY MANY OTHERS AND I NOW KNOW WHY!!!!!!"

The Sad Truth To Why Most People May Not Wake Up!

Japanese Government Pays 60 Trillion Yen to Stop More H.A.A.R.P. Attacks

Japanese Government Pays 60 Trillion Yen to Stop More H.A.A.R.P. Attacks
May 24th, 2011
[Via Eutimes]

The cowardly Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan handed 60 trillion yen over to the Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate immediately after his country was attacked with HAARP and nuclear terror, according to Japanese security police sources. The extortion money was paid off following threats to use HAARP to cause Mt. Fuji to erupt. For those of you still too brainwashed to believe such a thing is possible, please take a look at the following transcript available on the US Defense Department’s home page:


It quotes then Secretary of Defense William Cohen as publicly stating in 1997 that:

“Others are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves.”

The chief suspects in the Earthquake, Tsunami and Nuclear terror attacks against Japan are US Senator J. Rockefeller and the Bush faction of the US corporate and criminal government.

Rockefeller is a power broker behind GE, the company that manufactured the flawed reactors now spewing radiation in Fukushima. In addition, US Deputy Secretary of State Kurt Campbell, acting as an envoy for Rockefeller, met with Japanese power broker Ichiro Ozawa on March 9th, two days before the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster hit Japan. During that meeting Campbell promised that if Ozawa cancelled his plans to split the ruling Democratic Party of Japan, Japanese public prosecutors would stop persecuting him, according to Japanese imperial family and Democratic Party sources. Ozawa was also promised control of zeolite deposits in Fukushima Prefecture, the sources said. Zeolite is used to clean up radioactive waste. It is also worth noting that Senator Rockefeller once wrote an introduction to a book by Ozawa.

In another sign this was a deliberate attack, experts at the University of Tokyo and well as in Italy detected HAARP signals focused on Fukushima in the hours before the earthquake and tsunami struck. The same signals have since been detected focused on Mt. Fuji where the ground water is heating up. In addition, over 5 different people have contacted this writer since the earthquake to warn that “Japan was about to sink into the ocean.”

To counteract this threat, the White Dragon Society has provided GPS coordinates for all worldwide HAARP facilities to the appropriate parties. We have also been contacted by agents located within US underground bases who told us the US Seal Beach underground base (with a HAARP facility in it) had seven levels with one entrance located 14,000 feet underground and another located 26,080 feet underground. There were also entrances to underground bases in Brekon Beacon in Wales, Brussels in Belgium and Berkshire, England.

Despite the cowardly reaction of the Japanese government, the Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate and their corporate subsidiary known as Washington D.C. are still headed for bankruptcy. This is a fact of nature that cannot be changed with threats and violence, no matter how extreme.

Fortunately, US President Obama and four top Generals have promised to take action against the Satanist Khazarians operating inside the US in exchange for a write off of all US external debt. The debt will, of course, be written off, but only in exchange for a promise of a swords-to-plowshares transition by the military industrial complex.

In a separate development, we published a warning last week from a self-described MI6, FSB and Serbian triple agent using the code name Alexander that the Camp Bondsteel US military base in Kosovo would be hit by a suitcase nuclear bomb at 4:44 PM on April 4th. We waited to see if this would happen before writing this report and it did not.

As a result, we feel a need to explain why we took Alexander’s warning seriously. “Alexander” first contacted this writer several years ago after being introduced by a Canadian agent called Steve M. He told me he had 70 kilograms of Thai Stick, that is to say marijuana dipped in opium and said that he would kill me if I did not introduce him to the yakuza. I introduced him to a Japanese right-winger who then took him to see some Yakuza gangsters. The yakuza told him it was a trap and that the “Thai stick” was tainted with dangerous narcotic chemicals.

In fact, Alexander became increasingly delusional and megalomanic (calling himself the Anti-Christ etc.) after partaking of his own product. Alexander himself is a nice person who means well but he was sent here by some very nasty people connected to George Bush senior et al.

This trap was part of what appears to be a deliberate campaign to discredit this writer. A Japanese public security agent also, around the same period, attempted to get this writer to drink orange juice that had been spiked with amphetamines. There were other such incidents as well that I will not get into.

These attempts to destroy this writers’ mind with drugs were accompanied by a massive smear campaign. Democratic Party of Japan politicians, Japanese publishers and many other influential people have been approached multiple times by people saying “Benjamin Fulford has gone insane.”

Unfortunately for them, my sanity is still here with me (I can see it floating right above my head J).

There is nothing insane about saying that 90% of humanity’s savings should not be spent on a massive military machine engaged in perpetual warfare. It is the current rulers of the West who are acting insanely by invading harmless countries, killing innocent people and stealing their resources.

All the White Dragon society and its allies are saying is that we want the owners of the Federal Reserve Board to appear before a truth and reconciliation committee in exchange for forgiveness and that control of the global financial system be returned to the people of the planet. We have the ability to end poverty and stop environmental destruction within a matter of months.


Homeland Security Deploys Mind-Reading Hardware - Nail the perp while he thinks of the crime

Nail the perp while he thinks of the crime
31 May 2011 16:24 | by Nick Farrell

The US Department of Homeland Security has begun field testing new technology which it thinks can identify people who intend to commit a terrorist act, just by looking at them.

According to the magazine Nature, which we get for the spot the Schroedinger's cat competition, the US spooks have been conducting tests of Future Attribute Screening Technology (FAST) in the past few months at an undisclosed location in the northeast of the US.

The gear apparently uses uses remote sensors to measure physiological properties, such as heart rate and eye movement.

It has been in development since 2008 and it apparently can tell your intent to cause harm.

It is all based on a form of witchdoctor psychology called behavioural science. These boffins have the cunning theory that someone with malintent may act strangely, show mannerisms out of the norm, or experience extreme physiological reactions based on the extent, time, and consequences of the event.

Homeland Security's FAST technology design so that coppers can basically arrest anyone who looks them funny. So no change there then.

The DHS claimed the machine was accurate 70 percent of the time the other 30 percent will probably get out of Guantanamo Bay in a couple of years.

However some boffins think the gear will give shedloads of false positives.

Tom Ormerod, a psychologist in the Investigative Expertise Unit at Lancaster University, told Nature that even having an iris scan or fingerprint read at immigration isenough to raise the heart rate of most legitimate travellers.

In short, coming into Los Angeles Airport would turn Mother Theresa into a screaming psychopath, it does not mean that you are going to act on your impulses.

[Source techeye.net]

Police Officer Exposes FEMA CAMPS And NWO's Mass Killing Agenda
May 31, 2011 2:55
Geomagnetic Storms Engulf Earth

There over 800 prison camps in the United States, all fully operational and ready to receive prisoners. They are all staffed and even surrounded by full-time guards, but they are all empty. These camps are to be operated by FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) should Martial Law need to be implemented in the United States and all it would take is a presidential signature on a proclamation and the attorney general's signature on a warrant to which a list of names is attached. Ask yourself if you really want to be on Ashcroft's list.

The camps all have railroad facilities as well as roads leading to and from the detention facilities. Many also have an airport nearby. The majority of the camps can house a population of 20,000 prisoners. Currently, the largest of these facilities is just outside of Fairbanks, Alaska. The Alaskan facility is a massive mental health facility and can hold approximately 2 million people.

Justification for actions are taken in
Read the text here:
http://www.archives.gov/federal-register/codification/executive-order/12656.html ]
A portion of the highlights are:
Management, control, and allocation of all usable waters from all sources within the jurisdiction of the United States
Control, acquisition of real property
Mining of strategic and critical and other nonfuel minerals for national security emergency purposes
Stockpile strategic and critical minerals
Military assistance to civilian law enforcement authorities
Registration and inquiry, and mortuary services and interment
The use of Federal penal and correctional institutions and resources
Enforcement plans to respond to civil disturbances
Management and control of civil transportation resources and systems, including privately owned automobiles, urban mass transit, intermodal transportation systems, the National Railroad Passenger Corporation and the St. Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation
Management of all Federal, State, city, local, and other highways, roads, streets, bridges, tunnels
Control of people entering and leaving the United States
Claimancy for materials and equipment for public water systems.
Provide by induction, personnel that would be required by the armed forces
Methods for interment of the dead.

My Dedication to Obama - EVERYBODY KNOWS OBAMA! - Plans were developed as ways to trick the American public



Leonard Cohen - Everybody knows
Everybody knows that the dice are loaded

Download this mp3 from Beemp3.com
Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed
Everybody knows that the war is over
Everybody knows the good guys lost
Everybody knows the fight was fixed
The poor stay poor, the rich get rich
That's how it goes
Everybody knows
Everybody knows that the boat is leaking
Everybody knows that the captain lied
Everybody got this broken feeling
Like their father or their dog just died
Everybody talking to their pockets
Everybody wants a box of chocolates
And a long stem rose
Everybody knows
Everybody knows that you love me baby
Everybody knows that you really do
Everybody knows that you've been faithful
Ah give or take a night or two
Everybody knows you've been discreet
But there were so many people you just had to
Without your clothes
And everybody knows
Everybody knows, everybody knows 
That's how it goes 
Everybody knows 
Everybody knows, everybody knows 
That's how it goes Everybody knows
And everybody knows that it's now or never 
Everybody knows that it's me or you 
And everybody knows that you live forever 
Ah when you've done a line or two 
Everybody knows the deal is rotten 
Old black Joe's still pickin' cotton 
For your ribbons and bows 
And everybody knows And everybody knows 
that the plague is coming 
Everybody knows that it's moving fast
Everybody knows that the naked man and woman 
Are just a shining artifact of the past 
Everybody knows the scene is dead 
But there's gonna be a meter on your bed 
That will disclose 
What everybody knows 
And everybody knows that you're in trouble
Everybody knows what you've been through 
From the bloody cross on top of Calvary 
To the beach of Malibu 
Everybody knows it's coming apart 
Take one last look at this sacred heart
Before it blows 
And everybody knows 
Everybody knows, everybody knows 
That's how it goes 
Everybody knows 
Oh everybody knows, everybody knows 
That's how it goes 
Everybody knows Everybody knows


ABC: The US Planned Acts Of Terrorism
To Kill US Citizens To Justify War

U.S. Military Wanted to Provoke War With Cuba
Thu May 26 07:30

A stunning insight into the Federal Governments thinking on creating false flags such as planning acts of terrorism to kill American Citizens to create propaganda to justify wars to invade helpless nations.

ABC News Writes: In the early 1960s, America’s top military leaders reportedly drafted plans to kill innocent people and commit acts of terrorism in U.S. cities to create public support for a war against Cuba.

Code named Operation Northwoods, the plans reportedly included the possible assassination of Cuban émigrés, sinking boats of Cuban refugees on the high seas, hijacking planes, blowing up a U.S. ship, and even orchestrating violent terrorism in U.S. cities.

The plans were developed as ways to trick the American public and the international community into supporting a war to oust Cuba’s then new leader, communist Fidel Castro.


The real reason Libya was attacked, April 3 2011‬

Susan Lindauer: Journalist and author, says Libya was never involved in the Lockerbie bombings and when Gaddafi demanded the return of the 2.7 billion dollars he paid to Lockerbie victims, an attack was planned to get rid of him. She said, she has never believed the allied forces intervened in Libya out of humanitarian reasons. It is a war for oil which was prepared long ago, Lindauer argues - anyone who cared about the Libyan people would stop immediately.

AP Reported Obama Born In Kenya‬

George Will, Liberals Should Be “Clamoring for Impeachment”

Jerome Corsi: White House Scared Over Obama's True Origin
Alex talks with author and investigative journalist Jerome Corsi about the Obama birth certificate fiasco. Corsi is the author of Where's the Birth Certificate?: The Case that Barack Obama is not Eligible to be President, now available at the Infowars Store. In the book, Corsi assembles evidence that Barack Obama is constitutionally ineligible for the office of the presidency and has spent millions of dollars in legal fees to avoid providing the American people with something as simple as a long-form birth certificate.

Issa on Fox News: Rising Gas Prices Hurt Every American. How is the Administration Reacting?‬

Queen humiliates President Obama at
Buckingham Palace by refusing toast - May 24 2011‬
This man just continually makes a fool of himself. 
He's an embarrasment to have as a President.

The Queen gives the cold shoulder to President Obama for breaking protocol offering a toast to the Queen while they were playing HER SONG: 'God Save the Queen' of course.

Buckingham Palace made the first mistake by allowing the band to start early, but maybe the Queen should not have ignored a sincere offer of a toast by the US president. The Queen allowed Obama to make a fool of himself, and then suffer in silence, and personal opprobrium. No way to treat a guest. Could it be because nobody raised this boy right?

This is also about cross-cultures. Two persons were expecting different things from the same event (check ‪http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0052MGKBY‬).

In the case of Obama, the fool probably thought the music was a addition to the great words he was uttering. Like in a Hollywood movie. it was his Oscar bid.

In short, they were both thinking a lot about themselves at the time.

The BBC and many networks, including US ones, at first did not make any mention of the gaffe in their main news programmes. Some did mention it, but did not show the president's face after the snub. He looked a little embarassed.

I wonder if that's how he looked when someone told him that we don't have 58 states. He didn't learn that over in the Muslim countries I guess.


Links Of Interest:

Without Obama, We Would be a Global Energy Superpower

Media Ignore Obama’s “Criminal” SS Numbers

'Criminal' Obama secret gets no media attention

Corsi To File Criminal Charges Against White House Over Obama Birth Certificate

Maybe Doomsday Is Near Obama is Antichrist Marked by 666 and Harold Camping Prophecy marked by Worst US Tornado in History

British Code Name for Obama is an Insult

True Prophecy Bad News for Obama Book is best seller about Obama's Lies While Tornado Validates Doomsday

Obama’s New “Terminator” – Paid With Your Taxes

Congress Ignores Obama’s War-by-Fiat

Obama’s Economy Worse than the 1970s

The Door is About to Shut for Americans

Convicted Felon Sets Up Nationwide Shop for Obama

Obama Tells Donald Trump to "Go Investigate Roswell," on Video
This comes straight out of Saul Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals".  Ridicule people when they point the finger at you to take the heat off of you. To me, Obama just looks like his typical jerky self.

Texans Take to Capitol, Demand Representatives Resist TSA Tyranny


Monday, May 30, 2011


Here are some more great teachings that may challenge you by Joel Richardson, along with links at the bottom of the page for articles and more interviews you may enjoy.

Joel Richardson is a husband, father, artist, human rights activist, bestselling author and speaker. Joel has a long history of outreach to the Muslim community. He is the author of a comparative analysis of Biblical and Islamic eschatology entitled Islamic Antichrist, the co-editor of the pro-human rights collection, Why We Left Islam: Former Muslims Speak Out and is the co-author with Walid Shoebat of God’s War On Terror: Islam, Prophecy and the Bible. Joel has been featured on, or written for numerous radio, television and news outlets across the world including Glenn Beck, the Gordon Liddy Show, the Dennis Miller Show, Chicago Public Radio, the Steve Malzberg Show, the Sid Roth Show, Jewish Voice Today, the New York Daily News, WorldNetDaily, Front Page Magazine and many others.


Joel Richardson Interview; and Sorting Out End-Time Theologies

April 12, 2011


Meet Joel Richardson, and hear his perspective on the importance of the Middle East, Israel, and Islam in the unfolding of the end times events! Could the Islamic “messiah” be the antichrist? In the second hour, Dr. Brown sifts through different end-time theologies!
Hour 1:
Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: There is a redeemer. He will come and establish His kingdom on the earth, and every knee will bow to Him, every tongue will recognize that He is Lord. And He is not the one that the Muslims call “the redeemer,” He’s the one they wrongly call “Esau,” rejecting the Son of God. He will come, and Muslim knees will bow, Muslim tongues will confess that Jesus is Lord. Let’s pray that God will hasten that day!
Hour 2:
Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: God will keep His promises to Israel, and they will be literally fulfilled. God wants us to be living in light of the return of Jesus; He will appear, and we will become like Him, and we will be with Him forever. How, then, should we live today? Let us live righteous, holy, and godly lives, as we look forward to and hasten the day of His appearing.


An awesome teaching by Joel. He has a very clear response to critics when it comes to Daniel 9:26 critics. An excellent history lesson and bible lesson on why the end time Anti-Christ will be Islamic and not from the Roman Empire, even though it was the Roman Empire that destroyed the 2nd Temple. He explains that it really wasn't, and what the Bible has to say about it. Very clear and understandable.

A Response to Critics:
Daniel 9:26 The People of the Prince to Come
When one attempts to set forth the Islamic end time paradigm to many veteran students of biblical prophecy, the most common passage that is brought up in objection is Daniel 9:26 concerning “the people of the prince to come”. For those who are more geared toward MP3 audio files, click here to listen as I address this passage and lay-out the clear historical, grammatical and logical errors of the European-centric interpretation of this passage. I invite those who disagree with the Islamic end time theory to listen to the full message and consider the evidences. For readers,the same information as well as the documentation and sources cited can be read here. Many Blessings.




Daniel 9:26: Who Are The People of the Prince To Come?

The following is a copyrighted sample chapter from my forthcoming book. Tentative title: The Day of the Lord. If you wish to use or post any portion of it, I ask that you provide a link back to this original article and cite the source. Thank you for your consideration here.

I am aware this particular subject has stirred both debate and strong emotions in the past. Please, this is certainly not an issue to divide over. I simply set forth my research here for all watchful believers to consider. As always, I ask every reader to consider the following research and thoughts with a Berean spirit and your Bibles open.

Thanks and God Bless,
Joel Richardson



PZ Radio Interview
To Article:

To Direct MP3 Link:

Ray Gano, host of PZ Radio interviews Joel as they discuss the relevance of Egypt in Bible Prophecy, Pslam 83, Ezekiel 38,39 and other issuesin this one hour interview.


Editor’s note:The Blaze is featuring some guest posts to help our readers gain a deeper understanding of the situation in Egypt. In this post, Joel Richardson looks at the Caliphate concept in historical context.
Editor’s note: The Blaze is featuring some guest posts to help our readers gain a deeper understanding of the situation in Egypt. Joel Richardson is the author of The Islamic Antichrist a comparison of Biblical and Islamic Eschatology and is the co-author of God’s War on Terror. His blog can be found here.


Will Islam Be Our Future?

A Study of Biblical and Islamic Eschatology

Joel Richardson

Table of Contents

Introduction:  A Note From The Author

Part One: Introduction to Islamic Eschatology And Doctrine
Chapter 1.           Why This Book? Waking Up to The Islamic Revival
Chapter 2.           The Sacred Texts of Islam
Chapter 3.           Islamic Eschatology
Chapter 4.           The Mahdi: Islam’s Awaited Messiah
Chapter 5.           Comparing The Biblical Antichrist and The Mahdi
Chapter 6.           The Muslim Jesus
Chapter 7.           Comparing The False Prophet and The Muslim Jesus
Chapter 8.           The Dajjal: Islam’s Antichrist
Chapter 9.           Comparing The Biblical Jesus and The Dajjal
Chapter 11.         The Dark Nature of Muhammad’s Revelations
Chapter 12.         The Antichrist Spirit of Islam
Chapter 13.         An Ancient Hatred for The Jews
Chapter 18.         Summary Comparisons

Part Two: Further Analysis
Chapter 19.         Addressing Some Potential Objections
Chapter 20.         Further Thoughts

Part Three: How Should We Respond?
Chapter 21.         Responding with Prayer
Chapter 22.         Responding with Outreach
Chapter 23.         Preparing for Martyrdom

An expanded second edition of the book may be purchased here.

For more information, please visit the author’s web site at:


The article below is not flattering to Joel Richardson. But, I thought it would be fair to give you both sides of the issue, if you will. I personally agree with Joel Richardson, and that's why I have his links here. But obviously some don't. And you should know what they say in order to form a more bias opinion. I don't agree with them of course.

Who Is Joel Richardson, Beck's End Times Prophet?

Author Joel Richardson has a long history of antagonism toward Islam, having written in his book The Islamic Antichrist that Islam will be the "primary vehicle" "used by Satan to fulfill the prophecies of the Bible." He has also agreed with the Florida pastor who planned to burn Qurans that "Islam is of the devil" and written a column headlined "What Obama and the Antichrist have in common."


Glenn Beck hosting 'Islamic Antichrist' author today
Joel Richardson discussing Islam's Mahdi, the Antichrist, the Middle East and prophecy

Posted: February 17, 2011
3:20 am Eastern
© 2011 WND


A Muslim Zionist
Joel Richardson interviews sheikh who enthusiastically supports Israel
Posted: February 04, 2011
© 2011 WND

In the following interview, Christian author Joel Richardson, discusses Jewish-Muslim relations, Zionism and the future status of Israel and the Jewish Temple with Italian Muslim leader Sheikh Abdul Hadi Palazzi. Sheikh Palazzi begins a U.S. tour this March speaking out against Saudi-funded Wahhabi Islam and in favor of Israel and the Jewish people.


Acknowledging Righteous Muslims
Posted: February 04, 2011
By Joel Richardson
© 201

Assuming the role of teacher, public commentator or, most specifically, a Christian leader carries with it a high level of responsibility. This reality was made clear to me a few months back when I discovered I had been used as a source by Pastor Terry Jones in his book "Islam is of the Devil." Pastor Jones, as most remember, is the leader of a cultic group in Florida that was planning to burn Qurans on his church property this past September.

Read Joel Richardson's interview with "Muslim Zionist" Sheikh Abdul Hadi Palazzi.

Joel Richardson is the author of"Islamic Antichrist,"published by WND Books, and is the co-author with Walid Shoebat of"God's War on Terror."His blog iswww.Joelstrumpet.com.


Beck: Reaction to Founders' Fridays
Viewers stunned by history they didn't learn in school