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“A nation can survive its fools and even the ambitious, but it cannot survive treason from within.” ~ Cicero

America is at such a crucial time in history. And it's not just a crucial time in history for America, but for the WHOLE WORLD! No other time in history has been like it is now. I cover a lot of topics and issues on my blog, because, frankly America, we go through a lot of issues. We have a lot to contend with these days. From crooked politicians, Agenda 21, UFO's and aliens, transhumanism, the duplicitous global warming spoof, weather weapons, false flag attempts, evil conspiracies, satanic cults, the Depopulation Program of humanity by the elite, mainstream media lies, mind control, chemtrails, earthquakes, birds and fish die-offs, we have a criminal in the White House and a few more in Washington, D.C., and this fact seems to go unnoticed by most, especially our main stream media.

There is so much evil going on on this planet at this time, that I wanted to do something to combat it. Even if it was a small thing. Something that makes me feel like I'm contributing to the good. So, I have created this blog to help inform people of the things going on in our world today. Things that radically affect our lives, whether you know it or not. Our government affects our lives the most. From deceptive practices that you need to be aware of, to poisons in our food and water supply.

Monday, May 30, 2011


Here are some more great teachings that may challenge you by Joel Richardson, along with links at the bottom of the page for articles and more interviews you may enjoy.

Joel Richardson is a husband, father, artist, human rights activist, bestselling author and speaker. Joel has a long history of outreach to the Muslim community. He is the author of a comparative analysis of Biblical and Islamic eschatology entitled Islamic Antichrist, the co-editor of the pro-human rights collection, Why We Left Islam: Former Muslims Speak Out and is the co-author with Walid Shoebat of God’s War On Terror: Islam, Prophecy and the Bible. Joel has been featured on, or written for numerous radio, television and news outlets across the world including Glenn Beck, the Gordon Liddy Show, the Dennis Miller Show, Chicago Public Radio, the Steve Malzberg Show, the Sid Roth Show, Jewish Voice Today, the New York Daily News, WorldNetDaily, Front Page Magazine and many others.


Joel Richardson Interview; and Sorting Out End-Time Theologies

April 12, 2011


Meet Joel Richardson, and hear his perspective on the importance of the Middle East, Israel, and Islam in the unfolding of the end times events! Could the Islamic “messiah” be the antichrist? In the second hour, Dr. Brown sifts through different end-time theologies!
Hour 1:
Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: There is a redeemer. He will come and establish His kingdom on the earth, and every knee will bow to Him, every tongue will recognize that He is Lord. And He is not the one that the Muslims call “the redeemer,” He’s the one they wrongly call “Esau,” rejecting the Son of God. He will come, and Muslim knees will bow, Muslim tongues will confess that Jesus is Lord. Let’s pray that God will hasten that day!
Hour 2:
Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: God will keep His promises to Israel, and they will be literally fulfilled. God wants us to be living in light of the return of Jesus; He will appear, and we will become like Him, and we will be with Him forever. How, then, should we live today? Let us live righteous, holy, and godly lives, as we look forward to and hasten the day of His appearing.


An awesome teaching by Joel. He has a very clear response to critics when it comes to Daniel 9:26 critics. An excellent history lesson and bible lesson on why the end time Anti-Christ will be Islamic and not from the Roman Empire, even though it was the Roman Empire that destroyed the 2nd Temple. He explains that it really wasn't, and what the Bible has to say about it. Very clear and understandable.

A Response to Critics:
Daniel 9:26 The People of the Prince to Come
When one attempts to set forth the Islamic end time paradigm to many veteran students of biblical prophecy, the most common passage that is brought up in objection is Daniel 9:26 concerning “the people of the prince to come”. For those who are more geared toward MP3 audio files, click here to listen as I address this passage and lay-out the clear historical, grammatical and logical errors of the European-centric interpretation of this passage. I invite those who disagree with the Islamic end time theory to listen to the full message and consider the evidences. For readers,the same information as well as the documentation and sources cited can be read here. Many Blessings.




Daniel 9:26: Who Are The People of the Prince To Come?

The following is a copyrighted sample chapter from my forthcoming book. Tentative title: The Day of the Lord. If you wish to use or post any portion of it, I ask that you provide a link back to this original article and cite the source. Thank you for your consideration here.

I am aware this particular subject has stirred both debate and strong emotions in the past. Please, this is certainly not an issue to divide over. I simply set forth my research here for all watchful believers to consider. As always, I ask every reader to consider the following research and thoughts with a Berean spirit and your Bibles open.

Thanks and God Bless,
Joel Richardson



PZ Radio Interview
To Article:

To Direct MP3 Link:

Ray Gano, host of PZ Radio interviews Joel as they discuss the relevance of Egypt in Bible Prophecy, Pslam 83, Ezekiel 38,39 and other issuesin this one hour interview.


Editor’s note:The Blaze is featuring some guest posts to help our readers gain a deeper understanding of the situation in Egypt. In this post, Joel Richardson looks at the Caliphate concept in historical context.
Editor’s note: The Blaze is featuring some guest posts to help our readers gain a deeper understanding of the situation in Egypt. Joel Richardson is the author of The Islamic Antichrist a comparison of Biblical and Islamic Eschatology and is the co-author of God’s War on Terror. His blog can be found here.


Will Islam Be Our Future?

A Study of Biblical and Islamic Eschatology

Joel Richardson

Table of Contents

Introduction:  A Note From The Author

Part One: Introduction to Islamic Eschatology And Doctrine
Chapter 1.           Why This Book? Waking Up to The Islamic Revival
Chapter 2.           The Sacred Texts of Islam
Chapter 3.           Islamic Eschatology
Chapter 4.           The Mahdi: Islam’s Awaited Messiah
Chapter 5.           Comparing The Biblical Antichrist and The Mahdi
Chapter 6.           The Muslim Jesus
Chapter 7.           Comparing The False Prophet and The Muslim Jesus
Chapter 8.           The Dajjal: Islam’s Antichrist
Chapter 9.           Comparing The Biblical Jesus and The Dajjal
Chapter 11.         The Dark Nature of Muhammad’s Revelations
Chapter 12.         The Antichrist Spirit of Islam
Chapter 13.         An Ancient Hatred for The Jews
Chapter 18.         Summary Comparisons

Part Two: Further Analysis
Chapter 19.         Addressing Some Potential Objections
Chapter 20.         Further Thoughts

Part Three: How Should We Respond?
Chapter 21.         Responding with Prayer
Chapter 22.         Responding with Outreach
Chapter 23.         Preparing for Martyrdom

An expanded second edition of the book may be purchased here.

For more information, please visit the author’s web site at:


The article below is not flattering to Joel Richardson. But, I thought it would be fair to give you both sides of the issue, if you will. I personally agree with Joel Richardson, and that's why I have his links here. But obviously some don't. And you should know what they say in order to form a more bias opinion. I don't agree with them of course.

Who Is Joel Richardson, Beck's End Times Prophet?

Author Joel Richardson has a long history of antagonism toward Islam, having written in his book The Islamic Antichrist that Islam will be the "primary vehicle" "used by Satan to fulfill the prophecies of the Bible." He has also agreed with the Florida pastor who planned to burn Qurans that "Islam is of the devil" and written a column headlined "What Obama and the Antichrist have in common."


Glenn Beck hosting 'Islamic Antichrist' author today
Joel Richardson discussing Islam's Mahdi, the Antichrist, the Middle East and prophecy

Posted: February 17, 2011
3:20 am Eastern
© 2011 WND


A Muslim Zionist
Joel Richardson interviews sheikh who enthusiastically supports Israel
Posted: February 04, 2011
© 2011 WND

In the following interview, Christian author Joel Richardson, discusses Jewish-Muslim relations, Zionism and the future status of Israel and the Jewish Temple with Italian Muslim leader Sheikh Abdul Hadi Palazzi. Sheikh Palazzi begins a U.S. tour this March speaking out against Saudi-funded Wahhabi Islam and in favor of Israel and the Jewish people.


Acknowledging Righteous Muslims
Posted: February 04, 2011
By Joel Richardson
© 201

Assuming the role of teacher, public commentator or, most specifically, a Christian leader carries with it a high level of responsibility. This reality was made clear to me a few months back when I discovered I had been used as a source by Pastor Terry Jones in his book "Islam is of the Devil." Pastor Jones, as most remember, is the leader of a cultic group in Florida that was planning to burn Qurans on his church property this past September.

Read Joel Richardson's interview with "Muslim Zionist" Sheikh Abdul Hadi Palazzi.

Joel Richardson is the author of"Islamic Antichrist,"published by WND Books, and is the co-author with Walid Shoebat of"God's War on Terror."His blog iswww.Joelstrumpet.com.


Beck: Reaction to Founders' Fridays
Viewers stunned by history they didn't learn in school

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