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“A nation can survive its fools and even the ambitious, but it cannot survive treason from within.” ~ Cicero

America is at such a crucial time in history. And it's not just a crucial time in history for America, but for the WHOLE WORLD! No other time in history has been like it is now. I cover a lot of topics and issues on my blog, because, frankly America, we go through a lot of issues. We have a lot to contend with these days. From crooked politicians, Agenda 21, UFO's and aliens, transhumanism, the duplicitous global warming spoof, weather weapons, false flag attempts, evil conspiracies, satanic cults, the Depopulation Program of humanity by the elite, mainstream media lies, mind control, chemtrails, earthquakes, birds and fish die-offs, we have a criminal in the White House and a few more in Washington, D.C., and this fact seems to go unnoticed by most, especially our main stream media.

There is so much evil going on on this planet at this time, that I wanted to do something to combat it. Even if it was a small thing. Something that makes me feel like I'm contributing to the good. So, I have created this blog to help inform people of the things going on in our world today. Things that radically affect our lives, whether you know it or not. Our government affects our lives the most. From deceptive practices that you need to be aware of, to poisons in our food and water supply.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Obama's "Big Lie": White House Propaganda and the “Death” of Osama bin Laden

America, it's time to wake up to the fact that our Government has done nothing but lie to us. Why would they do this, you ask. Control. The elites are wanting a One World Government. And they know true blooded Americans are not going to go for it. We are not going to agree to lose our freedoms. So they have to come up with some lies that Americans are going to believe in order to make them seem like the saviors of the world. Don't be fooled. Here are some great articles to bring you up to speed as to what's really going on under our noses.

Obama's "Big Lie": White House Propaganda and the “Death” of Osama bin Laden

PREDICTED IN MARCH 2010: Staging bin Laden's 'Death'

This is their game plan . . . a police state. And look how the people are accepting and loving it. You'll be loving it when they want to take all our freedoms away too. You'll think that will make us safer. It'll only imprison us. Wake up people! (Although these people could be actors for the New World Order.)


Police State Expands On Bin Laden Death Hype

Florida airports, rail systems step up security

TriMet beefs up security, fare inspections after Osama bin Laden's death

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