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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

J‪esse Ventura's 'FEMA CAMP'

J‪esse Ventura's 'FEMA CAMP' Episode Pulled by LYING Congressman Cohen & The ADL!

Submitted by The_TSA_Is_A_Fraud on Wed, 12/08/2010 - 19:12
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Well, it seems that the disgraceful congress creep from Memphis, Cohen, who was exposed as a LIAR, by Jesse, on camera, has resorted to some more dirty tricks.

He whined to the ADL, who then leaned on Time Warner to yank that Conspiracy Theory episode from their website and any future showings on TruTV.

Actually, TruTV has no future Conspiracy Theory episodes scheduled on their website. They have been removed. The next episode (in 2 days) was going to be on the Pentagram, I mean, Pentagon.

So, all you people who were wondering how the show was able be broadcast in the fist place can now have your answer. It was so Big Sis can now have a reason to shut down any media that it doesn't like.

BTW- For those who never saw the interview...congress creep Cohen told Jesse Ventura that FEMA Camps do not exist, or, perhaps they were being used by Martians. When Jesse pulled out the bill (645) that a$$hat co-sponsored to have the camps authorized to be built, Cohen laughed and said that the camps were not being used to hold children who had been taken up in a machine by green monsters.

Read congressman a$$hat's new editorial here:


DVR's Remotely Erasing "Conspiracy Theory w/ Jesse Ventura" Episodes
Uploaded by InfowarMovies on Jan 4, 2011

(1/5/11) Confirmed: Ventura's Conspiracy Theory Episodes Disappearing from DVRs


DVR's and TIVO's are Remotely Erasing Select Episodes of Jesse Ventura's Television Show. 

The episodes that are being erased from the DVR's include the already heavily censored "Police State" episode, The "JFK Assassination" Episode, and the "WorldWide Water Conspiracy" episode, among others.



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(12/3/10) UPDATE: "Police State" episode of hit Ventura show covering FEMA camps pulled from air

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